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Most people here want Rhythm to come back. It's something many people have wanted and it's most likely something they'd play on for a little bit.

If this were to happen, I would be the only one as Owner and (maybe) we'd use the RhythmPvP.com domain. We know sodafizzle and pablo are opening minezone which is a combination of people who want to play from this community and something else. I would make an OP Factions server based around what you guys want and not what I decide what would be good. This doesn't mean polls and shit like that. It means you can tell me something in game and if it legit appeals to me and multiple people, I'd add it.

It would bring back a feel of old OP Factions and it would be ground for us to expand later on. I just want to know if I should do it and if people would play on it.






What's going on guys.

As most of you know, we recently reset and reverted to OP Factions. Most players like this feature a lot and we'll be keeping this format for now. If you don't like it, you're entitled to your opinion and you can play elsewhere. We ask to keep negativity and server bashing off the server.

Going into the core of this post. Just as the title says - Potion Staffs. They're added and have simple recipes for all players to create but only players who donate for the ability (As of right now) can use it. You can purchase this ability for $5 in the donation shop and this is permanent and will follow for all maps to come.

This staff will give you strength for 1 minute 30 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

This staff will give you speed for 1 minute 30 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

This staff will give you regen for 22 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

This staff will poison all enemies nearby in a 5x5 radius. 1 minute cooldown.

The potions used are:

Strength 2 (1:30)

Speed 2 (1:30)

Regen 2 (0:22)

Splash Poison 2 (0:16)

Mob arenas are being worked on. If you have a Mob Arena build that you want us to use, post it on the forums and we'll check it out.

That's it for now.

elasticjman Call this op factions? This is more like semi op factions. I'm pretty sure in the initial vote Opfacs (the way it was be ...

We're currently setting up the new host. It will be a 100% dedicated server and we will not longer have any issues after this. IPs will be the same. ETA 1-2 days MAX!!! Thank you all for standing by!

Bubbleman10101 x i cant stand by because im banned and like


[Owner] Wwcam a posted Jul 4, 15

We've had a lot of updates recently, so hopefully you will like most of them. If you don't, you can post a suggestion in the suggestions section of the forums. We will read them all and pitch them to the staff and see if they can work.


We released 2 polls recently. One for a reset and one for a server to add to the network. Kit PvP won with outstanding numbers, so we will definitely add this to the network very soon. However, the Factions reset poll received 6 false votes for "No". We will be going with the poll without the false votes as 9 to 6 for a reset August 1st. We will be working on this reset and will focus on making this one of the best and longest term maps we can provide.

Changes for the reset:

 1. We will look to update to 1.8 and include all features/biomes/blocks. If you are not aware of what is in 1.8, you can easily find the changes here.

2. New Spawn and Shop. This will allow us to create a smaller and more user friendly map that is built around the Rhythm features, such as crates, top voter heads, and ways to exit the spawn. We will also be making the warzone claims slightly larger, but you will still be able to reach it.

3. World borders and worlds will now be more Dynamic. Every 2 weeks, the nether will reset. This allows us to have a refreshing nether world while keeping our small 2,000 block border. We will also change the borders to the following: World (5,000 Blocks), Nether (2,000 Blocks), End (600 Blocks). We will look to extend these borders later on as we continue to grow as a server.

4. Crates will have different tiers. We will not longer have a Voter crate, but we will rather have an Uncommon, Common, Rare, and Unique crate. Voting will give you an Uncommon key with changes to get Common, Rare, and Unique keys. You will be able to doante for the Common, Rare, And Unique crate keys. Crate loot will also scale on the same levels of Uncommon Loot, Common Loot, Rare Loot, and Unique Loot. All crates will contain the same items, but as you go higher up the tiers you are more likely to get better loot.

5. Donations will stay and you will have a simple reclaim. You will be able to do /donator reclaim and obtain the items you are meant to receive. You can do this once for the map.

We will have plenty more changes to add to this as we continue to build the new reset and configure it.

Another issue with this is players leaving or quitting until the reset, which we have a solution. Players who are still active for the entire map leading up to the next map will receive a special gift when the next map opens. This does not mean everyday 24/7, but rather consistent players on the current map.

Kit PvP Info

We will be constructing and theory crafting donation ranks/packs along with building the server up very soon. We have begun plugin development and the server will be up very, very soon. More info will be coming soon.

If you have any suggestions/questions, you are able to post them on the forums in their respected subforum. We will be very active and possibly promoting some new staff with the opening of Kit PvP, so make sure to be good!

1souped x Also, will it be made sure of that the top 3 voters of july get their coupons?
1souped x When I messaged you in game, you specifically said that this map would be up for the remainder of summer. Quite a bit di ...

Hey guys!

One of the most important things coming up soon is the new Host Change that we are going to be doing very, very soon. We have ordered it and are still waiting to finish the setup process, but I assure you that we will have the host very, very soon.

Most of you also know from a few posts below that we have released Patch 1.1 to improve plugin issues and gameplay issues. We will begin to move into Rhythm Beta once we get the new host. This does not mean that we will be resetting anything, but rather we will be finished with core updates. Our core consists of our plugins and the style that the server will follow from now on, which is semi-op factions.

On the topic of a reset, the staff had the idea of this map to run about 2 months to stabilize the future of Rhythm and the style of how it will be ran. As of right now, we will start a poll on a reset for August 1st. You can vote below:


You can also vote on what type of server we should add to the network in the future:


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